Best Natural Testosterone Boosters For Men

testosterone maleAny hardcore lifter looking to build muscle mass and unleash the inner alpha is no stranger to testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone and is responsible for all of your manly attributes such as a deep voice, sex drive, body hair, strength and muscular development.

The higher a man’s testosterone levels, the stronger he will be, and the more lean muscle mass he will be able to pack on. Every guy wants to have high testosterone levels – yet very few realize how to naturally boost testosterone levels. Naturally elevating your testosterone levels is the key to incredible strength and size gains.

This article is going to break down the best workout routine, diet and all natural supplements to soar T levels way above average.

Lets dive in and first take a look at what kind of workouts elicit the maximum hormonal response.

Lift Heavy = High Testosterone Levels

arnold lifting heavyThere is nothing better for boosting test levels than an old school approach to weight lifting. It’s easy to get caught up in all the fancy workout regimens published in bodybuilding magazines and on sites – but nothing works better to elicit maximum T production than the classic compound exercises. The reason is quite simple. These exercises put the maximum overload on your body’s largest and strongest muscle groups.

This isn’t bro science, but rather been proven by muscle building research studies. Pushing heavy weight signals to your body to pump up the testosterone production to compensate for the extra tension on your nervous and muscular systems. Keep it simple and focus on lifting heavy weights on your compound exercise movements such as the bench press, dead lift, squat and barbell row.

You aren’t doing your T-Levels any favors doing 20 sets of bicep curls. You are much better off following a training protocol that emphasizes compound movements for the majority of your workout. It worked for the old school bodybuilders and will work for you!

The Less is More Approach to Testosterone Levels

Now that we know we have to lift heavy weight for maximum hormonal response you need to also factor in the length of your workouts. If you want your T levels to peak you need to stay away from the marathon man workouts.

If you are following the recommended training protocol and lifting big and heavy weight – your T levels will peak around 25-30 minutes of weight training.

It has been shown that if you train for too long (over an hour) your body will start to produce another hormone called cortisol, which is a stress hormone. High levels of cortisol = very low levels of testosterone as this blunts your testosterone production.

So keep your workouts short and intense. Lift those compound exercises at maximum intensity for 45 minutes and get out of the gym so you can maintain sky-high T production.

T Up with the Alpha Grocery List

high testosterone foodHigh Cholesterol Protein:

These foods are essential for high testosterone levels and muscle growth. Your body can’t produce testosterone levels without cholesterol. You see – cholesterol is a pre cursor to testosterone development.

Eating the top 5 high cholesterol proteins on this list will turn you into an alpha male and give your body crucial protein for strength and muscle gains.

Worried about cholesterol harming your heart health? Don’t be! This 415 million dollar research study proved that a diet low in fat and cholesterol did not prevent cardiovascular disease! Check it out here.

Top 5 Testosterone Boosting Foods

Eggs: Eggs are loaded with vitamin D, calcium, protein and cholesterol. This is the perfect blend for maximum T levels.

Grass Fed Beef: Grass fed beef is a delicious way to pack in tons of protein and cholesterol. It is also loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, which are crucial for T production.

Chicken Breast: Chicken breasts are a perfect bodybuilding food because they are a lean protein and are also high in cholesterol.

Wild Caught Salmon: Salmon is high in healthy fats, omega 3 and protein. This is the perfect combination for high T levels.

Turkey: Turkey is another lean protein that is high in cholesterol. Perfect for maximum T production.

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

shilajit for testosteroneOk – so we’ve covered the workout regimen and eating strategy for maximum T production. We are now going to dive into the best testosterone boosting supplements. This is an area that gets a lot of attention – as the market for testosterone boosting pills is flooded with ineffective products that are successful due to great marketing.

If you want to boost your T levels with a pill it is important that you pick out products that have scientific research backing up the data.

We have done the hard work for you and have a list of the best all natural T boosting supplements. Keep in mind that these supplements should not be taken if you are not following an effective workout and diet strategy for T production. These are the “extra juice” to max out your T levels if you are already following the proper diet and training regimen.


Forskolin has been shown to boost T levels while increasing fat burning and lean body mass. Forskolin is an all-natural herb that has been shown to boost T levels up to 18 percent vs. the placebo group.

Tongkat Ali:

This is an old school “bedroom performance pill” but recent research has shown that it can also boost natural T levels. This supplement was also shown to decrease cortisol levels by 16 percent while simultaneously raising testosterone levels. Talk about a win-win for your T!


Weird name and high testosterone seems to be a common theme here. This simple looking plant has been proven to boost T levels in men by up to 17 percent over a 90-day period. Not bad for a plant that could be growing in your backyard!

Mucuna Pruriens:

Mucuuna Pruriens is a powerful all natural test booster which has been proven effective in humans. Researchers in India had 75 healthy men between 25 and 40 take 5 grams of mucuna pruriens daily for 90 days. After the 90 days passed they examined their T levels and found that serum testosterone levels increased by 27 percent in the group of healthy men!


Although this is nothing more than a mineral loaded alkaloid, it can raise your T levels naturally by up to 23.5 percent! Research at a medical college in India gave 28 men 200 Mg of Shilajit powder everyday for 90 days and tested them regularly. The results showed that Shilajit boosted T levels by an average of 23.5 percent!