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ABOUT GHRP-6: It belongs in the family of the Growth Hormone secretagogue, meaning that it causes the secretion of growth hormone. It is a synthetic hexapeptide and a met-enkephalin derivative that contains a chain of 6 unnatural D amino acids.

It has no structural similarity with Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) and works by utilizing specific receptors present in cell cultures of the animal pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

GHRP-6 has cytoprotective effects that are non-growth Hormone-related which include neuroprotective, cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory as well as hepatoprotective effects.

Studies in animal test subjects show that GHRP-6 stimulates Ghrelin, “the hunger hormone” through its ghrelin receptor, which in turn signals an increased production of growth hormone (GH) by acting at the level of the pituitary or hypothalamus through a specific receptor different from that of the endogenous Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone GHRH.

The four parts of the animal test subjects that demonstrate the role of GHRP-6 include the pituitary gland, central nervous system, liver, and stomach.

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