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RAD140 was medically designed to replace testosterone, allowing the body to react the same way it would to a healthy dose of the hormone less the side effects.

RAD140 increases testosterone levels and produces an incremental increase in lean mass which increases with the dose. At the same time it creates a loss of fat tissue, making it ideal for bodybuilders and athletes alike.

Along with the ability to shred body fat and boost lean muscle tissue, RAD140 can also assist in eliminating some of the androgenic side effects which accompany the use of certain anabolics.

RAD140 is also perfect for cutting as it promotes lean tissue gains and the loss of body fat.


RAD140 Side effects 
Some researchers have reported a slight outbreak of acne, if this occurs lower the dosage to a 1/2ml per day. This will alleviate the problem within a week or two.

There is also a degree of testosterone suppression with RAD140, and clinical recommendations are for male researchers to run a PCT cycle using Liquid NOL to normalize testosterone levels at the end of a training cycle.

Please note – we do not recommend PCT for females as it is not needed.

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RAD140 characteristics
Scale – zero, mild, medium, high

Muscle Gain: medium
Strength Gain: medium
Fat Burning: mild
Endurance: mild
Healing/Recovery: mild
Muscle Preservation: mild
Suppression: mild
Water Retention: zero

2 reviews for RAD140

  1. John Higgins

    Have used RAD before and Launch Supps quality is on par with last time. Saw some good results will be using again.

  2. Seb (verified owner)

    2nd week on RAD, pumps are crazy starting to lift more in the gym muscles feeling hard 24/7. Love all the stuff these guys sell 3 day delivery and always keen to answer any questions you need.

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