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S23 will reduce water retention, create a hardening of muscle and a dry, grainier, ripped, aesthetic look.

S23 is a newer and improved version of S4 (Andarine), without the negative visual impairment side effects caused by S4.

When using S23 as part of a stack, we recommend adding S23 to the end of a cycle. For this reason, we suggest adding S23 into the final 8 weeks of a 12-week cycle.

It’s is highly recommended to stack either MK2866 or RAD140 with S23 to maximise the results.

A full PCT is using Liquid NOL is recommended for men after any cycle that includes S23.
Please note – we do not recommend PCT for females as it is not needed. Woman should simply take a break from supplementing for 4 weeks after they finish their training cycle.


What to expect using S23

  • Muscle Dryness, Hardening and Vascularity
  • Brings out Muscle Details 
  • No Water Retention
  • Fat Loss 

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S23 characteristics
Scale – zero, mild, medium, high

Muscle Gain: mild
Strength Gain: medium
Fat Burning: medium
Endurance: mild
Healing/Recovery: zero
Muscle Preservation: mild
Suppression: high
Water Retention: zero


S23 Side Effects

There are three known side effects.

  • Suppression, S23 will lower testosterone levels and suppression will happen. It’s recommended to take Testosterone Replacement Therapy while on this SARM.
  • A small percentage of test subjects report an increase in aggression when supplementing with S23.
  • Sperm levels in men will drop off to zero while on S23 and return to normal once you finish taking the product.

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  1. L (verified owner)

    Although research says the strength of this sarm is mild, my honest opinion is that it’s one of the best and strongest I have tried in terms of its desired effects
    The muscle hardening, lean, ripped, vascular look is definitely visible by week 4

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